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predefinito Once upon a time

Once upon a time, the story of "British autistic painters depicting the New York skyline" was circulated on the Internet, exploding friends. After a 20-minute helicopter tour of New York, Stephen Welsh, a British genius artist with autism, completed the 18-foot scroll in three days and remembered the whole picture of New York City. Even the details of landmark buildings such as the Empire State Building are not bad. The second season of "The Strongest Brain" is facing the PK New York skyline! This is also the first time the program team has challenged the outdoor. The location is chosen at the International Trade Center - Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong. The challenge of the player Xin Zhe is to observe the entire Victoria Harbour from a height of more than 1,200 meters and reproduce the Victoria Harbour skyline with a brush! More than 7,000 towers of high-rise buildings, various docks, ships, not to mention the dense windows on the building, the huge memory, 1:1 recovery is quite a test of the players' brain power, it sounds incredible. According to the challenge requirements, the player Xin Zhe must complete the painting within 5 days. In the end, the 23-year-old young man showed his insistence on his dream with a 9-meter-long scroll. Fan Bingbing excitedly said to Xin Zhe's father: "Your son is the best!" Xin Zhe challenged for five days. Time, in the closed space by memory to draw the Victoria Harbour skyline, equivalent to the size of 4,000 football fields, there are 7,000 high-rise buildings, countless windows. The skyline he painted was accurate to the top of the building and the location where the ship was docked. In his pen, the 2D and 3D worlds are only one line apart. Xin Zhe makes me feel the persistence and enthusiasm of a young man's dreams. He competes with British painters for his unique painting talent and extraordinary perseverance Online Cigarettes. Opponent Parliament Cigarettes, the goal is to restore Victoria Harbour 1:1 in 5 days. This is an incredible idea, but in the face of his dream, he resolutely moves towards this seemingly impossible road. He wants to use strength to prove that he is beyond The ability of ordinary people also allows his father to change his prejudice and unsupportive attitude towards his paintings over the years. After boarding the stage of the strongest brain, he conducted a one-day 360-degree view of the Victoria Harbour. It can be described as nuanced. Of course, his task is to restore the overall appearance of Victoria Harbour in 1:1 within 5 days. It is a huge challenge. On the road of pursuing his dreams Newport 100S, Xin Zhe was fearless and difficult. On the first day, he confidently made a series of analysis on the structure of Victoria Harbour. He professionally approached the real painting and design techniques Newport Cigarettes, and probably built some in his heart. Model, which is closely related to his extraordinary memory and imagination. The next day, he gradually felt that he had some headaches Newport Cigarettes Coupons. In some
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