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predefinito most, always see the pu

When the chrysanthemum of the family started Marlboro Red, I had the first little pet - my little black dog. Black is the place that attracts me the most. The black is covered Newport 100S, there is no trace of variegated, black and translucent. It hid behind the door of the house, and with a pitiful, wet look, it captured my heart. I think I can understand its eyes, lonely, and a bit bleak, is it because there is no playmate, or is it because of leaving the parents? Seeing me, it quickly abandoned the previous timidity and uneasiness. Soon, I took the chrysanthemum of my family as my own paradise. You see it running around in the chrysanthemum, playing hide and seek with me. The chrysanthemum-like tail, constantly sweeping the chrysanthemums, touched the petals of the piece, but it did not know that it was still chasing the falling flowers. In less than a moment, the chrysanthemums were completely unrecognizable, as if they knew that they had done bad things, and they could not hide in the flowers, leaving me alone in the face of anger, but I looked at its poor little eyes. Even a word of blame can not be said. Sakamoto wanted the puppies to be in the carton, but I didn't expect the puppies not to come out of the flowers. When I was going to catch them, it was holding the chrysanthemums without loosening the claws. It is even more irritating. That day, because I didn't play with the puppy in writing, it turned to the favorite chrysanthemum chrysanthemum. When I ran out of the house, the flower had already left the peduncle, a flower. The most beautiful flower is still in the mouth of the puppy. The dog that was repaired by the donkey did not know what he was guilty of. The puppy is still in the small courtyard, but it is no longer in the flowers. Maybe it��s awkward to make it scary, maybe the few flowers that are left to talk can��t take it anymore. Interest, but at the most, always see the puppy squatting at the door, staring at it, but not knowing what it is looking at. When the puppy was sent away, I was not at home. When I went back, but I couldn��t see the puppy again, I stared at the chrysanthemum stalk and burst into tears. It��s another fall Marlboro Lights, the chrysanthemum of the family is open again, but in the flower, the black figure can no longer be seen.
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