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predefinito At this time, the cold

At this time, the cold wind whistled and the heavy rain poured Newport Cigarettes. In the classroom, the teacher moved chalkly on the blackboard while holding a chalk hand. After the bell rang, a few minutes later, the teacher announced that school was over and the cleaners were left. Today is Wednesday and I want to stay clean. At this moment, I don't know if it is because of the cold weather or because I want to go home quickly. Our cleaning speed is astonishing. We finished the cleaning soon, and then we just dumped the garbage and closed the door, and then quickly left. Yuyi was still very big, and I forced myself to wait patiently until the rain stopped. Time passed by every minute, but the rain didn't mean to stop. There are more and more people at the school gate Cigarettes For Sale, people are wearing colorful ponchos, and they are wearing various kinds of umbrellas. I looked anxiously, trying to find her figure in this dense crowd, but all this was in vain. The cold wind beat me relentlessly, and on the left side of the corridor I was shivering with cold. Suddenly I saw the familiar figure in the crowd. She was trying to squeeze forward. It was her mother. She hurriedly walked in front of me, put me on a raincoat, and took a cup from her arms, handed it to me, and said, "Hurry and drink hot." I promised, drinking this with A hint of temperature in the water Parliament Cigarettes. Sitting quietly behind her, the rain dripped mercilessly on her. I suddenly noticed keenly that her past hair was mixed with several white hairs at the moment. Those slightly silvery hair colors hurt my eyes, I don't know if my face is rain or tears.
When she got home, she immediately went into the kitchen and started preparing dinner. Her hands in the past seemed to be sluggish; her wrinkles did not know when she crawled up to her cheek. I have seen all this in the past and found it, but still feel that it is so strange to me My mother seems to be aging, she is really aging. Looking at her back, I said softly, "Thank you, mother."
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