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What made me most memorable was my father's shoulder Cigarettes Online. That year, her mother-in-law died. The old man left quietly, but left a mess. The mother shed tears all day long, and her family was even more careless. The rest of the mess naturally fell on his father's shoulders. My father has been ill recently, he is busy with business, and I am nearing mid-term. Alas, it's a misfortune. After school, I went home with my father's battery car. The September wind was really cold, whispering past my ears, I was shivering coldly behind, and I already cursed this ghost weather over and over again. No way, I had to rub my hands, sulking. My father seemed to know my coldness: "The wind is strong, hiding behind me." I quickly crouched down, and sure enough, it was much warmer. My father's broad shoulders were like a road barrier, and they blocked the wind coming from the ground. I hid in a "safe haven" like a boat. Inadvertently, the towering shoulders seemed to be taller. When he got home, his father was making dinner. I pretended to hold him while pretending to hold a book: I waved awkwardly with a spatula, and the big, sturdy hand clenched the handle of the pot. The body leaned down, and that's really true. It was difficult for him to be so tall with such a short pot! Inadvertently, seeing father's shoulder. When I was a kid, his shoulders never seemed to relax, and he was always upright. The most memorable thing was what he said to me: "Men's shoulders should be made of steel." Now, his wide The thick shoulders still look like two mountains, no matter how strong they can't push. Here comes the meal, I chop a few bites, and go to sleep. In the early morning, I did not realize that my father was not asleep. The white light of the computer made the room bright, and the funeral planning was planned. He coughed a few times from time to time, and this cough occurred every season, but this year was the worst. He covered his mouth as much as possible to keep his voice down, probably afraid to wake me up! His shoulders didn't seem as stiff as they used to be, and they looked loose and loose, probably crushed by some pressure! He suddenly got up, scratched his sore shoulder, and occasionally heard him muttering again: "The man's shoulder should be made of steel." Then, sitting down, he resumed the shoulder he should have Marlboro Gold, It was indeed made of steel. The indestructible and indestructible strength revealed through the bones, and I understood the phrase "man's shoulders should be made of steel Marlboro Cigarettes." My father's shoulders really made me Unforgettable.
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