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Оксана Синенко
The color is perfect and so far, I've washed several times. No pilling! My worst nightmare and it's been difficult to find sheets that don't pill. I would recommend!! Soft and cozy.
Brandy Gale
Read the reviews and most people said order a size down. Wrong for me it did not fit right to small. Returned for credit. Look like a quality prouct to me
Kyloo Hutchins
It's a good jersey; fits just right, and definitely a superb value.
Desirae Castillo
Worked great for my 10lb cat. We played poorly when she was wearing it, but that's not a reflection of the product quality.
They were much too large and I returned them. I cannot rate them inasmuch as I never wore them. But they looked and felt fine and I would be willing to give them a try if they go on sale.
Stephanie DeLeon
I use these for pajama shorts and really love them. I have purchases several in the many colors. I usually where a small (4/6), but purchased a medium because I like them roomy. Have found that they are very comfortable and I have not had shrinking issues from washing/drying. Highly recommend!

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