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Cowboys coach Jason Garrett had a hard time fighting back tears. He learned shortly before his press conference that Babe Laufenberg’s son died Thursday morning after a battle with a rare form of leukemia.Luke Laufenberg was 21.Babe Laufenberg is a former Cowboys quarterback who now is the team’s radio analyst.“Luke was an amazing young man DeMarcus Ware Jersey Stitched ,” Garrett said, not taking any questions afterward. “You guys have heard me talk about fight a lot. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a better example of that in my life. What he’s gone through over the last couple of years, the spirit that he had every day, to battle through it, to always be thoughtful about the people in his life, ‘How’s my mom doing? How’s my dad doing? How’s my brother doing?’ Amazing. You’d walk into the room and he’d just light up. Whatever was going on, he just had this way, this strength unlike I’ve ever seen. Unlike I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s such a tragedy. It’s so hard to understand. But I know I will and everybody who ever knew him will be forever inspired by the life that he lived.” Luke Laufenberg, a tight end, walked on at Texas A&M before transferring to Mesa Community College in Arizona. He was diagnosed with Burkitt Lymphoma in 2017.He signed with UTEP in February but returned home in April because of his health issues.Babe Laufenberg Youth Dak Prescott Jersey , a sixth-round pick of Washington in 1983, grew close with Troy Aikman and Garrett during his short stint as a Cowboys’ backup quarterback. Aikman and Garrett frequently visited Luke. “Today we lost a son, a brother, a friend, and a warrior,” Babe Laufenberg wrote on social media. “Have never seen a person battle like Luke Laufenberg, but he lost his fight with cancer. He was truly inspirational. The hole in our hearts will never be filled. You are my hero. RIP my sweet Luke. See you on the other side.” Dak Prescott has shown he’s a good quarterback, but he still needs to improve if he’s going to lead the Cowboys to the Super Bowl. As luck would have it, Jon Kitna could be just what he needs to help him take the next step."From the moment the Dallas Cowboys selected Dak Prescott 135th overall in the 2016 NFL Draft many of us fans were stoked. And it wasn’t because we thought necessarily that Prescott could be the long term answer. We weren’t thinking long term. After all, the team had Tony Romo and he still had plenty left in the tank. Or so we thought.The happiness from having Dak stemmed more from the idea that he could keep the team afloat should something happen to Romo.These are all very welcoming traits for a fan that had to sit through the 2015 season where the team only won four games. The combination of Brandon Weeden Dak Prescott Jersey Stitched , Matt Cassel, and yes even Kellen Moore was just dreadful. The team was 3-1 with Romo and 1-11 without him. While Prescott was just a rookie, his skills were good enough to allow the team to still function without their star quarterback. Of course, little did we know that Romo would never see the field again and Dak would take over as the team’s starting quarterback from that day on.Dak’s future arrived faster than expectedWhile Prescott was quick out of the gate, leading the team to a franchise-best 13-3 record and earning Rookie of the Year honors, there were still some issues. These matters reared their ugly head a year later after the Atlanta debacle in 2017 when Prescott was sacked eight times in a 27-7 defeat to the Falcons. Dak had clearly been rattled.The calm, collective, poised quarterback of 2016 had suddenly vanished. His certitude to make the big throws started to fade. And even his most trust-worthy attribute, ball security, started slipping through his fingers. A different Prescott was upon us.Prescott is the single most influential piece to the success of the Cowboys. Nobody should be surprised by that because he’s the quarterback. Since becoming the new starter Youth Amari Cooper Jersey , the team has done everything they can to help him succeed. After Cole Beasley was his favorite target in 2016 the Cowboys went out and drafted a Beasley clone in Ryan Switzer. When Dez Bryant didn’t have the fundamentals to mask a decline in athleticism, they went out and got one of the game’s young and most route-disciplined receivers in the league in Amari Cooper. The team keeps piling it on with quality depth along the offensive line and a dynamic running back as rookies Connor McGovern and Tony Pollard have been added to the squad. They’re going all-in to help their new franchise quarterback.But no change is more important than the new quarterback coach the team has brought in to help Prescott. Once again, Jon Kitna is here to rescue this football team.Dak is a good quarterback, but there are some things about him that haven’t changed very much since his days at Mississippi State. He was drafted because he was a playmaker and he still is. He has the size and arm strength to play the part, and he doesn’t throw a lot of picks. And when you factor in the damage he can do with his legs, who wouldn’t want him on their roster? All of those traits still rings true today.But so does some of his weaknesses.Fixing Dak’s weaknesses are paramount to team successDak’s super sensitivity is to the pressure around him causes him to panic. He doesn’t get through his progressions quick enough and his tendency to use his escape hatch and check down underneath far too often is hurting the offense. His mechanics are off as his footwork still presents issues. And Prescott continues to throw to a target rather than to an area where his receiver is going to be.Enter Jon Kitna.Kitna may have never graced the NFL playing fields had it not been for the fact that Seattle Seahawks coach Dennis Erickson traveled to Central Washington to give a tryout to his nephew who was a wide receiver, but it was Kitna who impressed and off to Seattle he went.Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty ImagesA lifelong backup, Kitna got plenty of opportunities to start. Having stints with Seattle, Cincinnati, Detroit Amari Cooper Jersey Stitched , and then eventually Dallas... Kitna always found a way to get on the football field. He wasn’t super talented, but he figured out what it took to get the most out of his ability and that resulted in a 14-year career in the NFL.And that’s what Kitna hopes to transfer to Prescott.Kitna is going to try to help Dak go through his progressions quicker so the right throw is being made. This will involve a more conscious effort before the ball is snapped and a faster diagnosis once the play begins. Prescott is a smart player; this is something he can pick up.Jon also wants Prescott to use his feet better. Not just to jump ship and take off running, but to position himself in a better spot in the pocket when he delivers the ball. Just the slightest adjustment can make all the difference and Kitna has seen first hand what the influence of his former coach Mike Martz has done for him.Everyone believes in Prescott’s ability, but he must correct some of the flaws in his mechanics that have been causing him problems. If Kitna can help improve Dak’s footwork, this could have a resounding impact on the Cowboys offense. If these subtle changes helped turn a game manager like Kitna into a 4,000+ yard passer, then just think of what it can do for Prescott.
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