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predefinito FIFA 2002 CD drive issue.


Just picked up FIFA 2002 on massive discount at my Software, Etc. store. Just $19.00. Problem is, I think my CD-RW drive is too slow or has a problem with latency on my system. It runs all the time during gameplay and then has a tendancy to hesitate. This hesitation (I THINK) is causing the game to dump me to the desktop or sometimes blue screen. I'm wondering if anyone has seen a No-CD crack for the game to test this theory.Yes, I know I could get a new CD drive (or even a new vid card) but I'm between jobs at the moment and it's not really an option. Actually, as you will see below, it is time to build a new box and I'm saving my pennies for that.Anyone have any suggestions?

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.

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