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predefinito Itís not hard to see the struggles for the Buccaneers.

For a team that started off 2-0 and were the new hotness around the NFL Sean Bunting Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jersey , this team has displayed being nothing more than average. At the end of the day, you have an offense that can score at will with all the weapons and mismatches they provide along side a defense that canít stop, well, anything.For starters, the defensive scheme has to change. Thereís no ifís andís or butís about it. Mike Smith consistently puts this team in a position to fail with his lack of blitzing, his zone coverages that rely far too heavily on in-play communication, his propensity to have corners line up 7-10 yards off receivers, and a sheer lack of creativity. Itís been the same story for 36 games and there is no end in sight.Yes, Koetter is going to come the defense of his friend and give the same canned answer when asked about it. About how itís not Smitty thatís missing tackles, or missing assignments, or blowing coverages. It is, however, on Smith to fix these problems. Itís on Smith to have the self awareness that his defense has given up more than 400 yards in 19 games under his tutelage and the Bucs are 4-15 when it happens. He has to have the self awareness that his defense has given up 30 or more points in 13 games under his tutelage and the Bucs are 1-12 when it happens.It flat out canít continue.The sad thing is, it will. The players will be the ones to blame, some of which will be shipped out of town or not re-signed because they are square pegs that Smith keeps trying to cram into round holes. A good coordinator schemes to the strength of his players. Lovie Smith did the same thing and when players wouldnít - or couldnít - adapt Caleb Benenoch Jersey , they were shipped out of town slightly before Lovie himself was sent packing. Mike Smith is costing this team games to the detriment of Koetter, his entire staff, the players, and quite possibly Jason Licht.Offensively, the Bucs have little to complain about. Until a disaster in Chicago, they were the NFLís top offense. Will that change with Jameis Winston under center? Weíll see, but smart money says no. Itís hard to see O.J. Howard miss time with the sprained MCL as he was emerging as one of the top tight ends in the NFL, but now the re-emergence of Cam Brate will begin.We saw some timing issues with Winston against the Bears, but that is to be expected after he missed nearly a month of practices and games with the suspension. The big thing to keep an eye on is the run game.The run game just hasnít gotten going this season. There have been flashes, but no consistency. Again, you can point to the aerial attack and the Bucsí ability to score from long distance, but when theyíve needed the run game in red zone situations it just hasnít been there.Ronald Jonesí progression last Sunday looked encouraging. He finished with only 29 yards on ten carries, but there were flashes there. Moments when he was a fraction of a second away from making a big splash play. Again, when youíve missed nearly a month of game experience your rookie year, there will be growing pains and timing issues. Another thing to look at is the poor play from the right side of the line Beau Allen Jersey , mainly Caleb Benenoch. Benenoch has been a turnstile this season and rotating him with Evan Smith hasnít helped matters any. It was the same nonsense we saw last season. Pick the guy who is playing better and stick with him. Offensive lines donít need to be rotated the way defensive lines do.This isnít a knock on Barber, Jones, or Jacquizz Rodgers. All are capable backs that can make plays when called upon. We just havenít seen that come to fruition yet this season.Overall, the Buccaneersí offense can overcome the defenseís ineptitude to a certain degree. They will have their opportunities to win games and will capitalize - just like they did against New Orleans. The focus for the foreseeable future is the defense and whether or not they can keep the Buccaneers in games or if it will be a shoot out week after week. As I said many times over throughout the off-season, if the Buccaneers canít succeed this season it wonít be because they donít have the talent. It will be because of coaching. So far, the offensive side of the ball has been coached well and seen success. The defensive side of ball is the worst in the NFL.You tell me who the blame should fall on... Carson Palmer was on NFL Network and when asked about Bruce Arians in Tampa Bay, had some glowing remarks"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections 2016 NFL DraftInjuriesFree AgencyGame FilmCarson Palmer: ďI think itís a quick turnaroundĒNew,6commentsCarson Palmer was on NFL Network and when asked about Bruce Arians in Tampa Bay, had some glowing remarksESTShareTweetShareShareCarson Palmer: ďI think itís a quick turnaroundĒJoe Camporeale-USA TODAY SportsCarson Palmer believes in Bruce Arians and the Buccaneers for 2019. Steve Smith? Not so much.Palmer was on NFL Network along with Smith and Reggie Bush during all the madness that is Super Bowl week. Bush brought up Palmerís former coach and asked if Arians was the right man for the job in Tampa Bay;Then Steve Smith piped up with a slight at the quarterback; ďEven with Jameis Winston?Ē Now, Palmer may be a little off on DeSean Jackson being around as he talked about wanting to play for the Rams (despite still being under contract with the Buccaneers), but overall Palmerís stance holds weight. Arians is going to do what Winston does best to make this team successful. For the full video, click here
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