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predefinito NHL 19 is very well thought out and offers a lot of content

One thing is certain, EA is delivering a copy of his hockey simulation with real accessibility for people wanting to experience the gamepad. Whether with its complete tutorial or gameplay, it is easy to approach NHL 19. The game is very well thought out and offers a lot of content so as not to tire of the title for those who manage to get into it. With the arcade maneuverability, no need to take the lead, a button is equal to an action and we feel like we are at the time of a NHL 2002. Many game modes are available accompanying this aspect arcade like the NHL Threes. As soon as you want to switch to more complex settings, you will have to successfully build your own action, use the feints and different types of shooting to defeat the goalkeeper. The AI follows us quite well during our actions and the enemy can give you a hard time. Especially for fans of personalization of his experience, between the player with his progression over games and the ability to create his own rules, there is really something to have fun without taking the lead. It remains that, by its accessibility and its depth, this NHL 19 is a great success.

It is important when you play a sports simulation to be able to estimate if this or that title manages to give us feelings of play, often synonymous with a desire to replay the title. Knowing that most of the time, we chained the matches, a successful game of the genre will make you play hours without counting the matches. On the side of NHL 19, the bet is instead won. We find ourselves chaining the matches without seeing the time pass. If you are you looking for more about NHL Points Account check out our website The immersion is immediate, and the feeling that we feel when we put a big check against an opposing player is really well transcribed, giving a feeling of power on the ice rink. The game is based on the use of the right stick for shots and checks, the other main actions are intelligently placed on the triggers of the controller. The game also offers several gameplay styles depending on your level of knowledge of the game.

In terms of staging, having partnered with NBC, EA had the good idea to set up the realization of the chain on all aspects, from camera plans to official commentators. An excellent idea that can easily retranscribe all that is the salt of a television broadcast, although we regret at times the absence of the real presence of the famous organ that is heard in the stadium.
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