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predefinito The water town

The water town in the south of the Yangtze River, the wind in the northwest, the home of the tourists. Lonely desert, uninhabited island, the traveler carrying a dreamer on his back, the scenery along the way is the harvest of the journey Carton Of Cigarettes, the people who swim together are the fate of this life. It is a lifetime to see it, and it is lucky to meet. When people are on the road, they meet each other and change their minds. People are on the road, they have tasted sweetness, and they have tasted bitterness. When people are on the road, they have to go on and on. When I was young, I watched the birds flying in the sky, and I thought that one day I would also generate a pair of wings to fly to a very high place, so I liked to run with excitement in the mountains, in the fields, jumping, laughing, curious. With. I don��t know why the flowers are so beautiful, but the grass has only one color. It is impossible to tell which direction the sun is in. It��s even more unclear. How is a home, a paradise, only tired, sleepy, dark, It is time to return home. For myself at that time, the most unquestionable in the world, apart from the teacher��s saying that "the sun is rising from the east," is to go home every day. When you first enter the campus, the ringtone every 40 minutes is simply the most sacred thing Cigarettes For Sale. After class, class, no more carefree running, but inexplicable, proud of this with a little busy. At that time, I may not know that such inexplicable feelings come from the words "growth", which is infinitely proud. In the journey of life that has not lasted for nearly two decades, the experience of ��learning and growing�� has since begun and continues to this day. Among them, the one that impressed me the most and felt the most was the one that was not willing to be single and the most rebellious. The dream is sprouting at the time when you are full of youthful blood. Quiet walking on the road, but the ears are very lively. At that time, the impulsive and simple thought that you are young will always be young and smashed. Therefore, forcefully perform, go to publicity, and resist. But it will always fall into the little troubles of youth, and then spread to the endless bright sorrow. Impulsive and ignorant, more childish; sincere, sensitive, and beautiful. Time is a record of due diligence. For me, high school is a clear dividing line in learning life. When I stepped into the gate of high school, I remembered that the little squirrel in "Wu Chuan" said to the old tree: "I will come back every night to tell you what I saw this day!" But the old tree just sighed: "Oh, huh. You will grow up, you will go further and further, and finally you can��t get back every day. It��s also from that time. Knowing that you are busy, you should be the normal state of life. More than ten hours of class time per day, three points and one line. Running, I often forget, once like this, running in nature, running in the innocent years Wholesale Cigarettes. In a hurry, time has also rushed, hurriedly ran past our seventeen, eighteen Years. When I came to the hot summer, the exam. The college entrance examination, it was given too much meaning, it said that it can change the fate, in fact, not only that, it also broke up our agreement with the old time, it said the world There is no banquet. However, it also said that the sky is high and the bird is flying. It took away our seven-year-old rainy season, but it has not forgotten, leaving a group of friends who can laugh and laugh, and forget it for a lifetime. Experience Perhaps, there is still a lifetime of nostalgia, but no regrets, and the endless sadness of the various things. It uses these to polish us more independent and strong in this, I most hope to leave those years of our naive fantasy Parliament Cigarettes, that It is the powerful power that supports us in the lonely day. Finally, no matter what is left, we are back on the clean starting point of time. Stay away from home, away from loved ones, come to strange places, this The campus will carry our three years of memory, perhaps it is not the ivory tower we imagined, but it still evokes my new fantasy, which is more than just a more comfortable and perfect environment, more free time space, and It is a better expectation for myself to go further and further in my life journey. A more peaceful attitude, a more mature temperament, a more comfortable way of doing things, become more calm, confident, and attractive. This expectation is right. Their own encouragement and recognition, just like many years ago, we have a step towards seeing ourselves in the world��s purest curiosity and longing for the world. Step by step toward a better future. It is conceivable that in the next three years, we will say goodbye to this once strange place with tears. At that time, we will not want to be here. We will not want to pass through the leaves in spring. The sun that shines will not forget the sound of the fallen leaves in the autumn wind, and will miss the road we have traveled and the place we have been to. But then, we will have to go forward again. Go to the future self. Going to add a different color to your own life, and every journey on the road is a one-off session. The train is rushing forward with the rumbling of the time, the tourists have packed up and ready to go to the distance, no People know where he will arrive again, because he doesn��t know where he will stay and stop. Maybe it��s a snowy mountain, maybe just a small hill; maybe a romantic sea Marlboro Gold. It may also be the creek flowing in the mountains. Or close to nature, or feel the human feelings. He is walking forward, it does not matter whether the wind and rain do not care about the distance, but also accidentally missed Car time, also love the window seat, has not reached the destination decidedly off, you have arrived in a dream come true to be missed, loved, given up, succeeded. All the way to appreciate, all the way to collect. People are on the road, can't tell, south, north. Bring thoughts, only know, cold night, sunny.
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