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predefinito The Buffalo Billsí offense isnít just the worst in the NFL.

Itís among the worst in NFL history Youth Andre Reed Jersey , and so impossibly bad that no matter which of their three quarterbacks are playing, they have the leagueís worst passing attack.There are 44 quarterbacks who have thrown at least 10 passes this season, and the Billsí three quarterbacks rank 42nd, 43rd and 44th in passer rating. Hereís how the bottom of the passer rating chart looks:30.7 Nathan Peterman, Bills56.0 Derek Anderson, Bills61.8 Josh Allen, Bills62.5 Sam Bradford, Cardinals64.5 Tyrod Taylor, BrownsSo the Bottom 3 are Bills, with Sam Bradford (whoís now on waivers) and Tyrod Taylor (previously with the Bills) rounding out the Bottom 5.Peterman is undeniably the worst of the three, and he only started Sundayís loss to the Bears because Anderson and Allen are both hurt. Bills fans can take a little solace in the fact that Allen, their first-round draft pick and (they hope) future franchise quarterback Ed Oliver Buffalo Bills Jersey , has the best stats of the three. Maybe some day Allen will get the Billsí offense turned around. But that day looks a long, long way off. The Buffalo Bills have the worst group of wide receivers in the NFL, and the entire corps is anchored down by its supposed number one target, Kelvin Benjamin. Between bad performance and a poor attitude, itís time to start wondering: why did the Buffalo Bills brass, otherwise rabid in their obsession with finding competitive football junkies for their roster, think that Benjamin would be the right choice as a role model for the offense? And is Benjamin on the verge of exiting this roster?Itís common knowledge that the Bills receiver has had a history of problems with his mindset in pretty much his entire career. Dating back to his time in high school, Benjamin ended up as a four star recruit (but was a 21-year-old freshman due to late graduation). At Florida State, Benjamin redshirted, played one season as a backup, then connected with Jameis Winston on a loaded national champion roster, parlaying that success into an NFL draft declaration. He had a terrible Combine workout Buffalo Bills Jersey 2019 , but his massive size appealed to the Carolina Panthers, who selected him in the first round of the draft. A strong rookie year had the Panthers thinking they landed a gem, but Benjamin hasnít hit those highs since. Poor conditioning and weight control has followed Benjamin throughout his whole career, leading to non-contact injuries like an ACL tear and hamstring pulls.On the field, Benjaminís lack of focus and effort has been a recurring theme. Benjamin was called out by the mother of second year reciever Zay Jones early this year, in a deleted tweet where she claimed her son had to tell Benjamin where to line up on the field. She may have had a point.Itís not just a misunderstanding of the playbook, though. Itís also a question of effort. And Benjaminís effort is being questioned, not just by fans at home, but by his head coach. Sean McDermott called out his receiver in a press conference, saying he sees the effort he wants to see ďat timesĒ in contrast to other players, where itís ďall the timeĒ. In warmups ahead of Sundayís game with the Houston Texans, Benjamin apparently decided he wasnít even interested in running some practice routes with franchise quarterback Josh Allen:The poor attitude would be understandable if Benjamin were a highly productive player on a downtrodden team Color Rush Ed Oliver Jersey , or a competitive player frustrated that heís not winning games - think an Odell Beckham Jr. situation. But thatís the other side of this coin - Benjamin was brought here to be a number one receiver, and heís clearly not.In 2018, Benjamin is one of the worst receivers in the league. He leads the Bills with 26 targets, and caught a grand total of 8. Among all NFL receivers with at least 20 targets, Benjamin ranks dead last with 3.96 yards per target, last with 30.8 catch percent, and second-last in yards per game with 20.6 and yards with 103. Heís running weak routes, he isnít winning at the catch point, and when he is open, heís a 50-50 shot to drop the ball.And itís not something that can be blamed on the offense as a whole. Yes, Josh Allen is struggling. But while thereís talent lacking, other players have improved. Zay Jones was one of the worst receivers in the league by all measures last season. This year Youth Ed Oliver Jersey , heís closer in performance to an average number two receiver, with nearly eight yards per target while catching 62 percent of his passes. This failure is on Benjaminís shoulders.So when does Sean McDermott make a statement? Itís clear to anyone watching this team that Benjaminís attitude runs in stark contrast to McDermottís proclamations about process, character, and competition. Itís time to show that no one is an exception to that rule - not even a rookie who followed the coach and GM from Carolina to Buffalo. Benjamin doesnít deserve to start right now, and itís time to let Andre Holmes, Ray-Ray McCloud, and Robert Foster play over him - if only to send a message.The team has young receivers on the roster and on the practice squad, and no one could make the case that Benjamin deserves to play over them right now. He definitely doesnít deserve to be part of this roster in 2019 with new candidates joining the team. Every week that McDermott avoids making a move will make this problem more and more apparent.
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