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There is one of the most beautiful voices in the world, that is, the mother��s call to Dante��s life, such as a river, stretches for thousands of miles, never stays, and goes to the distance, flowing youth, like a book, recording the time of publicity, sour, there is Sweet, confused, more is the process of struggle. I want to come, when I am old, I will laugh later and say to my younger generations: In this life, there is no white life. I don��t want to go to the world. When the frozen river is blowing under the spring breeze, it is getting thinner and thinner. Good luck, go with the wind. Sleepless night, there is always a slight sorrow, a touch of injury. Listening to the night wind in front of the window, blowing over the treetops, blowing through the wheat fields, and blowing through the slowly flowing Huaihe River, in the sparse mottled starlight, there is a slight ripple, such as thoughts swaying in dreams. Flowing water, crystal clear, fish swimming freely in the water, carefree night, soft, just like my dream, about those ignorant memories, and the land and customs of this land. Love, not love, who is in the farewell, in my vague years, infused with the breeze and the moon, spread the seeds of hope, into a tree that grows vigorously; who is in my heart? On the upper, depicting the joys and sorrows Newport Cigarettes Coupons, carving the flowers and flowers, forming a colorful picture, sometimes life has no earth-shattering purpose, only to the people who are still alive and so simple to come from that poor age, In fact, the dream is very simple. Eat and wear warm, enough. However, the changes of the times, the wave of reforms have come and gone, many of the tides of the sea, the sea water suddenly heated up, so the dream is also solid. Suits and leathers are no longer fashionable things, and comfort and leisure have become the enjoyment of life. These need to be constantly paid, hard work, in order to achieve Cheap Cigarettes. I don��t see you, some people thrashed a few times in the sea and sank; some people are driving the sea and galloping; more are still swimming in the sea, struggling to swim. There are always a few roads. Wrong; prosperous three thousand, there are always a few sad and sad. Sometimes we complain that the world is getting more and more ugly. The noise of modern civilization is too much. In fact, in a turbid stream, why is there no pool of clear spring? In the sound map of the machine sound, there is also a so-called "Scorpio". We are just too busy, and we are too busy to pass the beautiful things. Jane tells us clearly that the beautiful Scorpio has been on the road. In the first episode of Guangxi Satellite TV's "First Secretary", a pair of brothers who lived together and lived together, burst into tears. The 10-year-old Zhong Chao and the nine-year-old Zhong Shui, their loved ones left, left the two brothers alone, guarding the unfinished house and building two wooden houses to live. In such a cold environment, as the brother of Zhong Chao, the responsibility of the head of the family, the wind and frost, the rain, falling, still reluctantly smile Cigarettes Online, survive and grow. What a strong little brother! It tells us what it is, and it is not easy to interpret life. Long Yingtai said that life consists of faint sorrow and faint happiness, spending every day in a small expectation, occasional excitement and silent disappointment, and then with a kind of "thinking but can not say" "Be the last turn and leave me thinking, those poor memories, after a few years, like black and white, the image is second, or obscured, or clear, turned into bitter and sweet memories." Such as flowers, surprises; flowers fall, silent. When, indifference and loss; when, can be indifferent to the red night, is a long, but also lonely, such a Huaihe River, the local thoughts. Spring is the season of planting hope. The ice and snow melted, the soil was loose, the grass sprouted, and the wheat seedlings sang in the wind. Going winter, Chun Meng woke up some roads, only one person to go; some dreams, but need to stay always, between the hometown and the distance. I like the world, I like the sun, I like the romantic rainy season, and I like the tide. Like the distant monks, they also like the truth of their hometown; they like the prosperity of the distance, they also like the simplicity of their hometown; they like the distant world Wholesale Cigarettes, and they also like the closeness of their hometown. Under the baptism of the wind, frost and snow, enjoy the scorn of the fire and red dust. Pain and happiness. Sunshine, always do not need to command, it will sprinkle a lot of; dreams, do not need to summon, but also unexpected. Finally, the white clouds of dreams, the blue sky of dreams, the lang of dreams, the stars of dreams, the land of dreams, all are sunny, the warm life is like a rose, each flower represents a dream, each flower The thorn shows a reality. When the morning smoke rises, a new day begins. Give the world a smile, the world will return you to the sunny days, shuttle in the bitterness and sweetness; youth, fragrance in the red fireworks; years, slip away in the promenade; you and me, busy in the busy. Hometown, so small, small can be put into my heart; hometown, so big, broad can not walk its vision. A soft call, pulled away from the dreams of people's homesickness, involving Wanshui, holding a lingering thought; in the dream, crossing the Qianshan, carrying a long line of thoughts, from the dawn to the early Li, from the beginning of the spring breeze to the deep winter and cold. When the time flies, day after day, the freshness of the fingertips is gone until the mottled; the afterglow of Ren Xizhao engulfs the abundance of autumn water, and the season is revived. The beginning of the heart does not change, the flow of the year is still as refined as a flexible rope, the word nostalgia, I do not know how many people's heart and soul. However, the nostalgia is like a glass of rice wine, pure and sweet Newport Cigarettes. Finally, I know that the homesickness is a tree without an annual ring. I will never go to my hometown, have dreams, have sunshine, never grow old!
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