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My purpose of buying these shorts were to replace the bleach-stained ones I had. It looks as it does in the picture. The thinness I was not expecting but it does not subtract any stars for it since it is cheap. There is a drawstring knot inside the shorts. I bought the small and it reaches just above my knee. I have no use for shorts that go pass knee- because then they would be called capris to me. I would buy again.
I am approximate 172cm and around 60-63kg.
Jorge M. Via Salazar
what I wanted
Manny Incze
Well, it's one of those things. It either works or it doesn't. This works, so if you need to fix your washer, buy it. I bought a few because I have a bad habit of overloading my washer. Good luck!
Pacho Melecio
Ecco shoes are always excellent. These shoes are just as expected. Love them!
Ruba Barsom Gabro

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